The Alternate Futures Podcast

The Alternate Futures Podcast is for writers, readers, and loves of science fiction.

Hi, I’m Edwin Rydberg, and I’m the host of The Alternate Futures Podcast.

Born of the desire to connect independent science fiction creators with each other and with their fans, AFP also works to highlight the scope and quality of independent authors while providing interesting and insightful discussions.

As an author, I’m interested in the different approaches to, and definitions of, successful writing and how different authors manage the business of being an author.

As a science fiction fan, I’m interested in how my guests explore the human condition and the depth of existence through their work.

As someone deeply interested in the story of humanity and how our technology shapes our direction, I enjoy exploring the present and future of our technology with guests who have a wide range of backgrounds and interests.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to listen!

See you in the future!

Edwin Rydberg