Podcast Season 4

The Alternate Futures Podcast

The Alternate Futures podcast features interviews with indie science fiction creators where we discuss their work, the world, and anything in-between. while this mostly means authors, I’m open to indie science fiction creators using a wide range of media.

If you have any comments or would like to see me interview your favourite indie science fiction creator, feel free to contact me.

Episode Details and Links

4.32 Roy Huff

4.33 Julia Huni

4.34 Susan Kaye Quinn

4.35 N John Williams

4.36 Jinwoo Chong

4.37 AM Scott

4.38 Tim Attewell

4.39 Barry Kirwan

4.40 J.J. Green

4.41 Zachry Wheeler

4.42 Audrey Sharpe

4.43 M.G. Herron